R&D and SMEs

Octoglass conducts R&D and SMEs in the field of electrochromic systems and translucent structures. Qualified specialists of the company, together with specialized equipment, can not only develop new compositions or coatings, but also conduct comprehensive research of the achieved results. And thanks to the use of modeling of electrochromic systems, it is possible to reduce the total time spent. As one of the results of research can act and prepare the control system, controllers, to function with the specific implementation of the electrochromic system.

Synthesis and cleaning of chemical raw materials

The use of contaminated, even microscopic amounts of impurities, chemical components for the manufacture of electrochrome systems leads to failure to achieve the required parameters, as well as accelerated degradation of the resulting electrochrome system. To eliminate impurities, all substances used in the manufacture of electrochromic compositions require an increased degree of purification. Octoglass has a sufficient stock of its own equipment for the purification of chemical components used in the manufacture of electrochromic systems.

Propylene carbonate of increased degree of purification is used not only as a solvent for the manufacture of polymer or hybrid electrochromic systems, but also for various chemical operations. Octoglass chemists have at their disposal - own rectification system of propylene carbonate purification, which achieves the highest available degree of purification of the substance for industrial use.

In addition to cleaning chemical components, Octoglass specialists can perform custom synthesis of organic components, including custom synthesis of polymers.

Licensing of production

Octoglass provides the opportunity to license the production of electrochromic glass to third parties, both in the Russian Federation and abroad. All technology of production of electrochromic glass, including all necessary operations and equipment, is fixed in regulatory documents and can be implemented as soon as possible at other enterprises. With this scheme of production, it is possible to localize the production of electrochromic translucent structures using organic polymeric electrochrome produced by Octoglass.

For all questions related to licensing, research and development, cleaning and synthesis of chemical raw materials, please contact Octoglass Sales Department.