Electrochromic systems are our speciality

The Octoglass Group has been designing and manufacturing electrochromic systems for several years. During this time, we have carried out numerous studies in the field of organic polymeric electrochrome, hybrid inorganic electrochrome and fully solid-state electrochrome.

At present the company is engaged in production of electrochromic glass for vehicles and architectural applications, development of microprocessor control systems for electrochromic devices, provides services in research and development in the field of electrochromic systems, services in cleaning of chemical components, licensing of glass production for work with electrochromic systems.

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Electrochromic glass for vehicles

The need for privacy and protection from the bright sun is a natural human necessity. Thanks to Octoglass, people in cars can escape from the glare of the bright sun and glare by simply turning on their adjustable tinting windows. And at dusk, the degree of darkening can be reduced, allowing you to drive the car just as safely as with conventional glass.

States set strict requirements for car glass. They contain requirements for light transmission, injury safety, stability of characteristics. The use of glass that does not comply with these standards is prohibited in conjunction with the operation of the vehicle itself.

Octaglass is periodically tested its products in accredited testing laboratories according to the national standard of Russia, one of the strictest in the world. Electrochromic glass Octoglass fully complies with all regulations. Proof of compliance with Octoglass products is the supply of electrochromic glass for OEM assembly of the first production car with side door electrochromic glass.

Electrochromic glass for other means of transport

The need for privacy and protection from the bright sun when it's needed is not just in automobiles. Electrochromic glass can be successfully used in railway, water and air transport in the same way as in cars.

Octoglass closely follows the changes and needs in the field of transport glazing and is actively involved in the development of electrochromic devices. For example, in 2019 Octoglass exhibited on the largest railway exhibition Pro-movement"/a> with adjustable tinting glazing for passenger railway car of Russian Railways. The novelty aroused genuine interest among the visitors of the exhibition.

The use of electrochromic glass in transport, opening the way to increased consumer characteristics of the XXI century.

Architectural electrochromic glass

The use of "smart" glazing in construction is still taking its first steps. Electrochromic systems are beginning to penetrate this segment of the industry, gradually taking up an increasing market share.

Octoglass already offers its customers electrochromic translucent designs for interior glazing. Electrochromic glass by Octoglass can be used for installation in cash modules, finishing of meeting rooms, executive offices, security and control areas. But such glass can also be successfully used in residential areas. Safety electrochromic glass can be used in swimming pools, showers, dining and other designated areas. There are no limits to the use of electrochromic glass, especially given the rich palette of tinted colors.

We also rigorously test our solutions for facade glazing, where electrochromic glass works under the most extreme conditions.

Bulletproof electrochromic glass

The system of electronic darkening of bulletproof glass, which does not bring additional distortion in the glass thickness of 4 centimetres and can stop even ammunition from a large-caliber rifle, is categorically important both on vehicles with hidden armor, and on military equipment, where reliable light disguise is important.

In 2019, Octoglass presented the world's first bulletproof glass for a car at the largest armament exhibition IDEX using a proprietary electrochromic glass transmission control system. The novelty aroused genuine interest among professional visitors to the exhibition.

We are currently working on the development of bulletproof glazing with a controlled toning system, both with leading private companies and the armed forces.

Vandal-proof glass

In today's world, the level of tension is constantly increasing: political, economic, ethnic and religious. Tensions result in increased levels of street crime, mass demonstrations, riots and clashes with police.

During mass disturbances, riots, robberies or road conflicts, the driver and passengers of the car are helpless against the force of public order violators and criminals. The metal roof and doors of a car can protect people from being hit with sticks, stones. But a conventional car glass cannot provide reliable protection against attack without the use of firearms.

Vandal-proof glazing is specially designed to protect people and valuables in a vehicle and can stop and detain an attacker for long minutes. Our tests clearly show that thin and light vandal-proof glass keeps the attacker armed with handy elements (bat, hammer, stone, sledgehammer) from entering the car for long minutes.

Controlling systems

Electrochromic devices for long-term operation require a reliable and accurately calculated supply voltage. After all, an excess of merely 0.1 volts can lead to accelerated degradation of the device.

Employees of Octoglass carried out a huge work on modeling the work of electrochromic systems. On the basis of the received models safe algorithms of management of electrochromic devices are constructed. The algorithms have been thoroughly tested in real conditions on finished electrochromic products.

Octoglass developed and produced universal controllers with microprocessor control for one and two channels, designed to work with any electrochromic device with consumption voltage up to 4 volts inclusive and peak consumption up to 3 amperes.

About Octoglass

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The company "Octoglass" was founded in 2017 and is engaged in research activities in the field of electrochromic systems, design and manufacture of electrochromic glass for vehicles and architecture.

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