Electrochromic glass. Controlled electrotonic tuning for vehicles.

Company Octoglass produces electrochromic glass with variable toning degree for vehicles. The use of electrochromic glass on motor vehicles allows for tinting the glass when it is required, for example, at sunny noon or to make the glass as transparent as possible, for example, in low visibility conditions, at dusk or at night. Controlled tinting also provides additional comfort and protection from prying eyes. At the touch of a button, the glass is either tinted or toned.

Electrochromic glass for cars is made to order for a specific car. But for the most popular models at the company there is a stock balance and the glass can be obtained within one working day.

The main advantage of the Octoglass controlled toning is that the use of electrochromic glass on public roads does not violate current legislation: the glass and control electronics are certified, in the state of maximum transparency the glass is checked by portable and stationary measuring devices of light transmission.

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Sweep of vision
Toning provides excellent visibility both during daytime and at night
Full compliance with the Technical Regulations of the Customs Union "On Wheeled Vehicle Safety". (TR CU 018/2011) in the restated condition.
It is possible to use the activated tinting mode in a short-term parking lot for safety reasons.



Their meanings

Light Transmission
~10% - ~75% (depending on color and construction)
not more than 0,3 W per m.sq. with color maintenance
no more than 1.5 W per m² in the painting procedure
Toning / Restore
from 1.5 minutes (depending on glass size and composition version)
is retained up to the lowest bandwidth.
~6-9 mm (depending on glass thickness and product characteristics)
Width of blackband
15 mm on sides without conductors, 30 mm on sides with conductors
no more than 5% (for comparison, a 4 mm glass unit has a 4.8% haze)

Additional Options

Control buttons, switches, encoders, remote controls

Complete absence of UV in the interior of the car

Protection from infrared radiation even in a transparent state (not hot in summer)


Electrochromic Glass by Octoglass can be produced to customer's individual order with any shade, however for cars we recommend using black shade of tinted glass as a neutral perception of the environment, without color shift, and as the most suitable shade for the tinted rear hemisphere of the car.

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