Group of companies Octoglass was formed in early 2017. It includes professionals and enthusiasts of smart glass systems, in particular, the core of Octoglass formed by specialists developing the smart glass market in Russia since 2010. We worked with all current systems and technologies of translucent constructions available at the market. And thanks to the accumulated competence, the company was able to make a significant breakthrough in the development of smart glass in the field of electrochromic technologies.

During the years of its existence Octoglass managed to form a backbone of laboratories in the CIS countries working with electrochromic technologies, which allows to quickly obtain the results of research activities and confirm them by different groups. At present the main research laboratory is located in Moscow region, together with the production site. Octoglass maintains its scientific potential and systematically invests resources in the development of its intellectual property.

Octoglass focuses on conducting research, development and production activities in the field of electrochromic technology. The effects of electrochromism are considered the most promising area of development of systems of "smart glass" class with the greatest potential. Electrochromic systems are deprived of the disadvantages of other technologies designed to change the optical parameter of light transmission of glass, relatively inexpensive and allow to obtain better characteristics of the final product.

The interest in electrochromic glass is growing from year to year, as is our network of business contacts. We cooperate with more than twenty research institutes in Russia and the European Union, we constantly work with the best technological companies in Russia and Belarus. In addition, Octoglass acts as a technology partner for both the world's largest companies and works with small studios and manufacturers.

A little about success Octoglass:

2020 - the first in the world electrochromic glass for a car was delivered to the OEM assembly line. As electrochromic glass the sidelites of the front hemisphere of the car are used.

2020 - Octoglass has released a series of updated controllers for electrochromic systems that provide safe control of electrochromic glass.

2019 - together with the Russian Railways at the largest exhibition dedicated to the railway theme of Pro-Motion, electrochromic glass for RZD passenger coach was demonstrated.

2019 - together with the company Magistral, the world's first bulletproof glass with an electrochromic component Octoglass was demonstrated at the largest international arms exhibition IDEX.

And this is just the beginning!