Company Octoglass produces electrochromic glass (controlled electric toning) for passenger cars. Glass products are made to order, so the glass can be made for any car. A stock program of glass for the most popular car models is available, as well as a service of fast production.

Electrochromic glass is equipped with branded single or double-channel controllers. In addition to passenger cars, electrochromic glass can be made for other types of vehicles: railway, air, water transport.

The orders for architectural glazing (interior glass) are accepted. All electrochromic glass can be made in one of the available color shades: blue, green, purple, pink, red, brown. And of course in the most popular tint color - black.

Octoglass accepts orders for R&D, R&D and SME in the field of electrochromic systems and translucent structures. In particular, Octoglass accepts for research and analysis electrochromic devices from other manufacturers in order to adapt control system algorithms to safely control electrochromic systems.

Thanks to its own fleet of equipment, Octoglass can clean chemical components as well as synthesize them.

In the case of glass manufacturers, the option of licensing production is available, with the transfer of the technological package and delivery of components, for the organization of their own production of electrochromic glass using Octoglass technologies.