Electrochromic windshields

Automotive market trends from year to year show an increase in the use of smart glass technology. For example, at the beginning of January 2023, #Gauzy presented at the #CES exhibition in Las Vegas a prototype of a sun visor with a deactivated protective strip using #SPD (Suspended Partical Device) technology. It’s a great solution.

But #Octoglass, as always, is at the forefront of technological innovations and products based on them. Some solutions demanded by our customers are immediately applied in our products, bypassing exhibitions.

Windshields with a switchable shading strip are already available to our customers. The main characteristics of electrochromic windshield significantly distinguish it from all other technologies by absence of haze, neutral dimming color, smooth transition from darkened to transparent area and high light transmittance value, established for motor transport windshields in off state, as well as adjustable value of tinting.

Octoglass windshield with electrochromic sun visor
Am #Octoglass windshield for #Hyundai Solaris with integrated electorchromic sunshade shield